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Carpet Cleaning: A Guide to the Unconventional

Let’s get to the bottom of carpet cleaning blog here. Imagine you just had a party. The music was blaring and the dancefloor was lit. Then someone decides to dance salsa while holding a glass of red wine. Spoiler alert! The carpet looks just like a crime scene from a murder-mystery involving wine.

Steam cleaning has become your best friend. Imagine your carpet getting a warm bath after a hard night. This is a dirty method, since it gets deep into the fibers of the carpet and removes any stains. You cannot rush perfection (or the drying time).

Dry cleaning is the best option for those who need their lives back as quickly as possible. It’s like a quick refresher just before you leave – low-moisture, but it does the trick. This is perfect when you are planning a party and need your floors to be as clean as possible as soon as possible.

You can be creative. You can use baking soda and vinegar instead of expensive cleaners. These pantry MVPs can tackle stains and smells with ease. Do not panic if the gum is sticky. Grab some ice and place it on the gum. It’s easier to remove the gum if you don’t have to ask your friends for help.

Do not forget about our planet. Going green is not only good for you. Keep harmful chemicals out of your home and away from pets, who might mistake your carpets for their personal nap mats.

What happens if DIY fails? When your DIY hairstyle doesn’t turn out as you hoped, it is time to call in the pros. The professionals have all the tricks and tools to make us mortals appear like we’re playing minor league baseball.

How much time, energy (and let’s face it – cleaning skills) you can spare will determine whether or not you hire a professional. Some carpets need professional cleaning to keep their beauty.

Now you can decode carpet cleaning, without feeling the need to nap halfway through. It’s not necessary to be an expert diplomat to keep carpets clean. Next time, remember to lay down some plastic sheets before you open that Merlot.
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