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What To Look For When Choosing The Best Leather Motorcycle Vest

Now let’s get down to business and find the perfect plus size leather vest womens for your motorcycle. You know, that kind of leather motorcycle vest that shouts out “I’m an adventurer” without having to say anything. The right one doesn’t look like picking out a shirt off the shelf; it looks more like choosing armor before you go into battle. Who wouldn’t want to be cool, while also being practical?

The black leather vest is the mainstay of biker apparel. These vests are like that reliable friend you always have by your side – tough, durable, and they never go out style. Do not just choose anything. You need something that feels like it’s been made just for you. Comfort is the key to a long ride.

Are you aware of the armored vests that are available for those who put safety first, but want to look stylish at the same time? Yes, there are armored vests. Imagine hiding your personal shield under a piece of sleek leather. These bad guys give you peace-of-mind without making you appear like you’re going to joust on a medieval faire.

Customization is the best part. Imagine this vest, with all of the embellishments that shout “you”. You can add patches, some hand-drawn designs, or even studs. This is like turning yourself into a piece of moving art without having to spend hours standing still at an exhibit.

Pockets, can we have a discussion about them? Anyone who says “less is more”, clearly has never tried to find a place to store their phone, wallet and keys when riding down the freeway at 70mph. A vest with plenty of storage will make even a kangaroo envious, while still keeping it sleek so that you don’t appear bulky.

Eco-warriors everywhere will be happy to hear that being green doesn’t have to mean giving up style or durability. Eco-friendly materials are becoming more popular than daisies during spring, giving us a swagger that is guilt-free and kind to our planet.

Innovation is not on the backburner either. For those who prefer to ride at night, smart vests equipped with LEDs are available.

Remember, if it feels like you are wrestling an Octopus into submission when wearing it, don’t wear it. It’s important to have a comfortable fit when you are on the go for long periods of time. Search for sides that are adjustable or stretchy to allow you to breathe, without feeling trapped like in a Victorian-era corset.

You might also be interested in boutique options if you are a lover of luxury, and the word ‘ordinary’ just makes you want to yawn. Imagine Italian leather so soft that it would make a baby’s bottom envious, or designs so avant-garde they would not look out of place at an art gallery.

The best leather motorcycle jacket is not rocket science, but you will need to give it some thought if your goal is something unique that matches your ride and personality. You can show your personality by customizing the design or you can keep yourself safe with armor.