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The Unfiltered Truth about Political Advocacy

Oh, politics. You can’t herd cats and walk on a thin wire, right? You have a cause and your passion is as bright as Aunt Marge’s jalapeno pepper chili. Now you’re ready change the world. Or at least nudged it in a slightly new direction. Interested in making a difference? Explore political advocacy jobs and join the movement for change.

Let’s first talk about storytelling. The gritty, true-life stories are the ones that will hit you in the gut. Imagine sharing a cup of coffee with someone you don’t agree with politically. Instead of yawning at stats and numbers, you can share a personal story to make the issue real. Now they are not only nodding politely but actually listening. This is the power of good storytelling.

Next, we’ll explore the social media jungle. Social media can be either your best friend or worst nightmare. Imagine sharing a post that is heartfelt about a cause. The next thing you know it has been shared on continents faster than your Uncle Joe trying to catch his runaway barbecued ribs. Beware: authenticity is important. The public can detect fakeness at a distance, and this is not limited to those knockoff designer scents.

Collaboration is another important factor. Consider it like forming your very own Avengers team, whether you’re pursuing social justice, environmental action, or anything else that floats your ship. You need to find people who have similar visions but also bring their superpowers. Together you’re stronger, like meatballs and spaghetti.

Ah, resilience. It’s my second favorite word (after “free pizza”). It’s no secret that advocacy is a tough job. Some days you may feel like you are pushing a rock uphill in flip-flops, during a snowstorm. Remember why you set out on this journey. You know that burning desire inside of you? Keep that fire burning.

When you’re trying to engage with policymakers, it can be like teaching my grandmother how to use Snapchat. It is frustrating, but strangely rewarding to see progress. It is all about patience and persistence (and perhaps some homemade cookies for sweetening them up). Make them feel the importance of your cause by telling them stories or providing hard facts.

Last but not least, we mustn’t forget why we do the dance we call political advocacy. We care about something greater than ourselves.

You have just seen a brief summary of what political advocacy is all about (or would you say an elevator overly crowded?) It’s messy and challenging and can sometimes be exhausting. However, it is also very rewarding when we see real change taking place before our eyes. Change that we helped to bring about. It’s worth celebrating. I don’t know what else. Make some noise. Who knows! You could be the spark to ignite change. Let’s just talk straight from one person to another. It’s time to conquer your nasal aspirations. It’s time for smoother sailing.