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Chubby Cheeks offers a unique opportunity to see your baby in the womb.

Oh the excitement and jitters associated with the birth of a new baby! Like waiting for a big reveal at a game show, where you play both as host and participant. Right in High Point NC is this amazing place where you can get a sneak peak at your little star. Chubby Cheeks is proud to offer 4D Ultrasound imaging High Point, NC.

“Now, I understand what you think.” “Ultrasound? I’ve done it before. You’ll need to be patient, because this ultrasound isn’t the same as your grandmother’s. Here’s your chance to get a 3D and 4D view of your newborn. Imagine watching your child yawn. They could stretch. Or even give a little fistbump!

Chubby Cosmetics is like visiting your friend that happens to own some very cool gadgets. It’s a lot more fun than a cold clinic. Your family and friends can join you too. You could turn it into an adorable party where everyone gets to enjoy the chubby cheeks of your child.

It’s time to talk technology without it sounding too complicated. It’s 3D that gives you the ability to look at images with depth, like those cute buttons noses or pouty mouths in great detail. You can even add motion by using 4D. Your baby is doing all the baby things in its cozy womb.

This is where things get really sweet. What if you could hear your baby’s thump-thump and keep it for ever? Chubby Cheeks has the ability to capture that thumpthump sound and store it within a cuddly, stuffed bear. A great bedtime prop would be: “And that little bear plays the very first song you’ve ever performed, the beat of heart.”

A heart-to’-heart is more than just cute photos. You’re also able to connect with your unborn baby. Many parents who are experiencing the rollercoaster ride of pregnancy feel that seeing their child move and healthy is like a warm, comforting hug.

Chubby cheeks is a company that understands the importance of this. These are not technicians. They can be thought of as your guides on a grand adventure to meet the child before they arrive.

You can choose from a variety of packages to meet your budget requirements and needs. The company offers a variety of packages, so you can find something that fits your budget and expectations.

Why then do people come to Chubbycheeks in droves? There’s more to it than just wanting to check if your baby has inherited the nose from Aunt Muriel. More than simply catching glimpses at future smiles, it is also about building a bond–a deep connection formed even before conceiving.

Chubby Cheeks offers more than just ultrasound services; the studio is almost a milestone for expecting parents in High Point. Here, technology is combined with tenderness.

Your wallet will thank you for saving some money. Now go ahead and clean those ducts so you can enjoy a peaceful sleep…and perhaps save enough cash to spend on something enjoyable, such as watching the paint drying. Now you can conquer the internet or, at least, start searching with more confidence.