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Leather Vests Unzipped: Finding Your Perfect Ride-or-Die Companion

We’ll just jump right in. A leather motorcycle shirt is like picking out your favorite ice cream at a local ice cream shop. It’s a mix of classics a Shipwreck in the Sand with zany and outlandish choices. It’s not like anyone is going to be judging. No matter if your favorite leather is the soft lambskin or rugged cowhide vest, you will feel the same when you slip on the vest.

This isn’t just some motorcycle banter. This material can be the difference between comfort and style on your bike. Cowhide? Your tough-as nails buddy will have your back. You can even take it on a beating if the weather turns bad. Lambskin, though? You know that one friend who is always looking forward to a fun night out? Smooth, sleek, and very stylish.

Here’s where it gets interesting: Craftsmanship. Has something you bought looked amazing online, but it fell apart like a house on cards in a speed tunnel? Not fun. Even grandma’s apple pie is not as well made as a leather vest. You’ll find that it gets more comfortable over time.

It’s time to talk pockets. It’s annoying to put your phone in those little jeans pockets and have it come out the moment you sit. This is annoying right? Good vests have pockets large enough to fit your daily essentials. You don’t need to juggle them every time.

Adjustability can also be a major game-changer. If you’ve ever had an incredibly large meal and needed to relax your belt just a little bit, then a vest with side laces or adjustable straps is for you. The vests have side laces and adjustable straps to give you more breathing room.

Next, ventilation is important because on a scorching day nobody likes being wrapped in plastic. Some clever people figured out that mesh and perforated panels can be used in vests to allow the air to pass through, keeping them cool.

Although protection might not look sexy it is better than getting road rash. It is cool to have vests where you can slip in armor.

For some riders, choosing “the best” gear doesn’t mean following a specific recipe. It means finding the right combination of comfort and safety. Many riders prefer to buy gear from companies that have been in business since before dinosaurs walked the Earth (ok, so maybe it isn’t quite that old). It’s all about finding someone who will create something custom for others. After all, why would you want to blend into the crowd when you were meant to stand out.

The ultimate leather motorcycle coat is about finding out what fits YOU. This includes your personal style, road needs and budget. We’re not all rich, so let’s get real. Then, take the tips above and go to some shops or browse pages on-line until you come across that perfect leather motorcycle vest. You can wear this vest together, like the boss biker you are. If you can’t sleep, at least don’t fall asleep on the textbooks.