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Finding Your Perfect Motorcycle Vest Companion

Let’s get straight to the point. You’ve come to this page looking for information on the best leather jackets, right? You’re not looking for just any motorcycle vest go to my blog. You want a vest that says, “I’m a rider”, and you don’t have to say anything. Buttercup, buckle up. We will dive in without fancy lingo.

Let’s begin with the types of leather. Cowhide, Buffalo or Kangaroo are the best choices for those who want to be discerning. Cowhide is like a friend who will never let you down. It’s tough and prepared to face anything. Buffalo is softer but still very tough. Kangaroo? Consider this lightweight, yet durable product if you’ve got some extra cash to spend.

The quality of vests. Avoid vests that have stitching which looks like it was done my grandmother. The vest should appear to be able to withstand a few tumbles and not leak your guts on the street. Adjustable sides are also a bonus – nobody wants to feel as if they’re a sausage in an overly small casing.

We need pockets! Where else can you stash your phone, wallet, or secret stashes of snacks? You may find pockets in places you didn’t even know you needed. You may carry more than your hopes and dreams (I’m speaking to concealed carry enthusiasts), so make sure you leave enough space.

Beauty is subjective. You can wear anything, even patches from a dive bar. Make sure it’s something you like. This is more than just gear. It’s a fashion statement.

What about something made to order? The best option is to have something custom made. Imagine wearing something custom-made that fits like it was made just for you.

Safety and style don’t have to be mutually incompatible. Who knew that you could still look good while keeping your hide intact.

Finding the best leather motorcycle jacket is not rocket science, as I’ve said. Attention to detail is required: material quality, construction durability, functionality, pockets, and adjustments for comfort.